A Bed in a Box: The Voila Mattress

September 25, 2017

*The folks over at Voila sent me my mattress in exchange for my honest opinion. All views are my own!

Here’s a story: about three years ago I was moving yet again in Flagstaff, Arizona. I was moving from a semi-furnished house to a definitely unfurnished apartment with my best friend (hi, Lauren!). Since the house I was living in provided a bed for me, I couldn’t take it with me and knew I needed something pretty soon. As a broke college student, I scoured the dark corner of the Internet known as Craigslist and for $60, bought a queen mattress and box spring.

Record scratch. Worst $60 I ever spent.

The mattress was terribly uncomfortable on top of being stained. I shelled out $20 on a mattress protector and another $80 on a memory foam topper and still was totally unhappy with how I was sleeping. Believe it or not, I spent the next three years on this mattress all while wishing and hoping a new mattress would work its way into my life.

Timing was incredible, actually – after seriously considering shelling out the money for a boxed mattress, I found Voila. They offered to send me a queen mattress and within a week of placing my order, an giant box lay propped up against my front door.

What makes the Voila Mattress different?

Many boxed mattresses are memory foam but Voila Mattresses are different because they are hybrid mattresses. Think the Prius of mattresses. Not only does the Voila mattress contain memory foam (including a gel memory foam to keep you cool) but it has spring coils as well. The result is a mattress that feels like you’re sleeping in it rather than on top of it while supporting your body in the best way possible. Because of its components and how it’s constructed, the Voila mattress can be rolled up into a box. The mattress comes in three firmness levels: plush, medium, and firm.

My experience.

Knowing that a new mattress was waiting for me certainly made my day seem to drag on. As soon as I arrived home, I said goodbye to my sh*tty old mattress and started to unbox the Voila. I selected the plush mattress, since I love the softer beds to sleep on. As expected, the mattress was very heavy and took a bit of willpower to move. However, I had to unbox the mattress myself because I live alone. It took time, but I was able to do it just fine. Once I set the mattress on my box spring and tore open the plastic, the compressed mattress almost immediately began to expand. Within minutes, the mattress reached its full height, though Voila does recommend letting it sit for 2 – 4 hours to fully expand.

Upon crawling into bed for the first time, I was impressed. Granted, a bale of hay probably would have been a step up from my old mattress. However, the comfort and the support that I was feeling was everything I could ask for and more. While I was comfortable, I did realize that the plush option was a bit more firm than I had anticipated. I would keep this in mind when you’re trying to select your Voila mattress firmness level. Still, I was the most comfortable in my own bed than I had ever been in the last three years.

While I was using my old mattress, I had realized that I would wake up with lower back pain. About a year and a half ago, I started taking up running and I started my first teaching job. I had figured the combination of a demanding career where I was on my feet nearly eight hours a day and training my body to run was the culprit. However, since sleeping on the Voila mattress, my lower back pain has gone away. Score!

All in all, I am incredibly happy with my Voila mattress. Depending on the size of your bed, the prices may seem a bit steep (although comparable to other boxed mattresses) but Voila does have a flexible financing option with Affirm so you don’t have to shell out the cost all at once.

Go ahead and check out Voila’s website for more info on their mattresses. I promise you won’t be disappointed!


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  1. Thanks for sharing and the thorough review! I’m in the process of moving and furniture/mattress shopping and I’d never heard of voila mattress. I like the sound a mattress that’s a hybrid between traditional material and memory foam.

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