Top 5 Summer Beauty Must Haves

June 13, 2017

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As the seasons change, your wardrobe isn’t the only thing that needs an update! As temperatures drop and come back up again, I’ve realized that some part of my beauty regime change as well. During the winter months, I find myself reaching for different items than in the summer. When summer rolls around, those winter products are stashed and out come new products. Now that we’re in summer, I thought that I’d share a few items that I absolutely cannot live without during the summer months!


This is hands down number one on my list! I actually wear an SPF on my face every single day no matter the season, but I make extra sure that I wear something with a slightly higher SPF during the summer months. If you’ve read my Top 5 Skin Care Essentials, you’ll know just why wearing SPF on your face is so beneficial. This is super important, so please make sure you’re wearing an SPF!

Bronzer and Highlighter

There’s nothing that screams summer more than bronzed skin with a highlight that pops. I personally love using cream highlighters in particular, since I find that they last a bit longer than powder highlighters. However, I do prefer powder bronzers, since it’s so easy to take a fluffy brush and dust some bronzer where you want a bit more color. I find that bronzer is especially important to me, since the rest of my body tans while my face doesn’t. That being said, my foundation is always a hair too light during the summer, but nothing a little bit of bronzer can’t fix!

Face Primer

Listen, I live in Phoenix. If you’re not familiar with Phoenix, all  you need to know is that it gets hot — really hot. That’s why it’s really important that I wear a primer. Otherwise, my makeup ends up everywhere. I love using a primer water, since it doesn’t feel very heavy on the skin at all. However, I do love a primer that gives a bit of a glow, which is perfect for summer!

Bright Lip

I’m aware that this is totally personal preference, since I’m sure there are people who don’t like wearing bright lip colors. However, I love it. I find that there are certain shades of reds and pinks that I just can’t seem to pull off during the winter months but once summer rolls around, you’d better believe I’m wearing them. During the summer, I really love red lips that have a bit more of an orange undertone. Bonus points if it’s matte so it stays put!

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What are your summer beauty must haves? Comment down below and share!

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5 comments on “Top 5 Summer Beauty Must Haves

  1. Girl I always love your pics and blog! I’ve seen so much about the Smashbox primer water, but my heart is kind of stuck with the Urban Decay setting spray. I live in Florida, so SPF and oil-control makeup products are total must haves for me.

    • Thanks, lady! I’m going to be honest, sometimes I’ll use the Urban Decay setting spray over my makeup, even after I use the primer water. It really helps lock everything in place if I know I’m going to have a long day!

  2. Interesting, I’ve never tried a primer like the Sephora one. I’m wondering if it’s supposed to give you a photo-finished look? What’s the general purpose of having the primer, which is tinted, on before the foundation?

  3. I love these top 5! I am loving a bright red lip right now even though I never thought I could pull it off. I think ladies just have to give it a try one day. I also love the bronzer/highlighter recommendation and I always try to wear sunscreen as well. No wrinkles for us, please! 🙂

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