My Studio Apartment Tour

May 07, 2017

When it came to looking around for a new apartment, I never really thought about a studio apartment. In the back of my mind, though, I knew that it made sense. Since it was my first time living totally on my own, I knew that a studio apartment would benefit me financially. I also didn’t own very much furniture, so living in a smaller space would be totally do-able for me. After finding the perfect studio apartment in Phoenix, I’m so happy with how it’s all coming together. I want to get more wall art and some plants, but for right now, my studio is perfect for me.

Living in a studio apartment definitely was a struggle for me right off the bat. I really had to downsize because of the lack of space, especially since the closet was teeny tiny.  The bare necessities were what ended up coming with me and I had to get rid of quite a lot of stuff. For me, this was the hardest part, but sleeping where I can see my kitchen was pretty odd too.


The bedroom area was probably what I thought about the most. My whole apartment is really small and I didn’t know just how to utilize this space. Knowing that I had to get a dresser, (yay IKEA) I had to lay out this space accordingly. With a little bit of wall art, I this that this area of my apartment is very ‘me’ and I’m really enjoying it. I also love my dresser which is totally cute and functional, but was a total b*tch to put together on my own.

Living Area

With the small space that I’m dealing with, I knew that a couch was a no go. I didn’t even want a couch, to be totally honest. I managed to find these IKEA chairs on Offer Up for super cheap and I think they’re perfect for the space. The white coffee table is also from IKEA (can you tell I like IKEA?) and was super affordable. Since it’s circular, I feel like it fits really well with the living area and I love how classic it looks. This canvas came with me from my old apartment and I love how it looks in my living area.


The kitchen is easily one of my favorite parts of my apartment. It’s so small and I have mugs in the same cupboard I store my pots and pans, but it works. I love how bright the kitchen is and I love that it’s white with stainless steel appliances. It looks so classic and clean that I love cooking and being in this area. The same white cabinets and countertops are also found in the sink area of my bathroom, so I love how cohesive it all looks.

Considering my apartment is less than 500 sq feet, I actually really love it. Coming home to my little studio is something that makes me happy and I can’t wait to add more touches to it! If you’ve ever lived in a studio apartment, what were your biggest struggles? I’d also love some storage tips too!

xx Mary

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19 comments on “My Studio Apartment Tour

  1. Yesssss, girl! You’re a boss for putting together IKEA furniture on your own. I was actually going to suggest IKEA for storage as well….it’s pretty much the best place ever. But I’m sure you already know that 😉
    Studio apartments are so cute and they actually make me feel safer than a whole apartment because I can see what’s happening in every part of the room. Plus, I love the way your place is decorated. It looks super clean and sleek. I can see why you love coming home to it.

    PS – I love Phoenix <3

    • I’m pretty proud of myself, not gonna lie! Super true about being able to see everything that’s going on in the apartment. Plus it’s so much easier to clean too! Thanks for reading!

    • Good luck with your move! White is so classic and really ideal for photo taking, so I totally understand. Thanks for reading!

    • Right?! The kitchen was enough to convince me to move into my apartment. I’m a sucker for a white kitchen! I agree – it’s totally clean! I can’t wait to see how your kitchen turns out!

    • Me too! My favorite thing is having all of the windows open and letting all that natural light in. Thanks for reading!

  2. Your place is so cute! I had a studio for my place too. I love the way you designed yours. Its modern, chic, and cozy. I know you will create great things in this apartment!

  3. I love how you organized everything! We got lots of stuff and sometimes we’re thinking is it really necessary or just clutter?? And yeah, IKEA is a lifesaver!

    • That’s my problem too! I feel like a total hoarder but there are just some things I’m too scared to get rid of!

  4. I currently live in a studio as well, until September. I can’t wait to move into something bigger, as I can’t stand not having enough storage. I hate not having a separate living/dining/kitchen space. But I loved how you decorated your space! And I also love those cactus prints 🙂

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