Pamper Your Skin: My Favorite Face Masks

March 22, 2017


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As someone who really enjoys all things beauty, skincare is definitely that I try to spend a bit of time perfecting and has been something that I’ve been pretty militant about for the last few years. Despite all the cleansers and serums and toners I’ve tried, I’ve always been particularly drawn to one sort of product in particular: face masks.

I love face masks because they’re so versatile and there’s literally going to be something out on the market for everyone, whether you’re wanting to clear up your skin, decrease redness, or really hydrate your skin. Since my skin is fairly normal (as in not super dry but not super oily either), I have a few face masks that I like to rotate between depending on the season and what I feel like my skin needs.

Cleansing Masks

I especially love face masks that will purify and really deep clean the pores, and there are two in particular that I really enjoy for this reason. The Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque is great for the times that I want a really deep clean or if I’ve having several spots on my skin that I want to take care of. I’ve noticed that by using this, my skin clears up a bit faster if I’m having any breakouts but also helps soothe my skin since it contains oatmeal and aloe vera. This masque also claims to minimize the appearance of pores because of how well it draws out toxins, though I don’t know how effective it is for that because my pores right now are not very noticeable (knock on wood!). Another mask that I love for cleaning pores is the L’Oreal Pure Clay Detox & Brighten mask. With the help of charcoal, this mask works to deeply clean your pores from impurities while at the same time working to brighten your skin too. I love this mask because as it dries down, you can see the areas that are a bit more oily than others and I feel like my skin is really clean and radiant after this. The only downside is the smell: while it smells great (to me), I could see a lot of people finding the scent to be too strong. Even after I wash it off, sometimes I can still smell it!

Exfoliating and Hydrating

Shifting gears a bit, the next mask to mention is one that is great for exfoliating. I really enjoy using exfoliating masks toward the end of the week to help get rid of any buildup of makeup or product that needs a bit more TLC to go away. My favorite is Cup O’Coffee from Lush, which is not only effective but – just as the name suggests – smells like coffee. Win. I slather this on my clean skin, sit for ten minutes, and use warm water to gently work the mask into my skin to buff away impurities and I find that my skin looks great the morning after using this! I especially love using this right before using Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. This mask is great for hydrating your skin, especially in those winter months where skin can get a bit more dry. A teeny tiny bit of this stuff goes a long way, so use sparingly. Plus, it smells amazing.

Sheet Masks

On the oddball days where I don’t need deep cleansing and I don’t need exfoliating, I like to use products that will help add a bit of radiance to my skin or to even out my complexion a bit. I especially love when I can work on those things while wearing a sheet mask; sure, you look like you may go rob a bank when you wear them, but I’ve tried a few sheet masks that I really enjoy using. The My Beauty Diary Black Pearl sheet mask is great for adding a boost of radiance into your skin but I also love the Dr. Jart Pore Minimalist Black Charcoal Mask. I’ve only use this one a few times but I’ve loved the results after each use; the morning after, my skin looks ultra glowy and healthy, plus my makeup sits so well on top of it!

What are some of your favorite face masks? Let me know in a comment below!

xx Mary

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6 comments on “Pamper Your Skin: My Favorite Face Masks

  1. Great informative post and just what I have been looking for! Trying to get in a better skin routine and masks are on my list!!! Thank you for these recommendations!

  2. I have also been so addicted to face masks recently. I just started purchasing the singles at Sephora. They work really well and I love that I can target a different skin problem every week by trying a different one every time. I haven’t tried any of the ones you mentioned above, but they all sound fab!

  3. Love your thorough review of these products! It’s always fun to get others’ take on skincare and what works for them. Working for a natural beauty and wellness brand myself, I am of course a little biased toward our natural products lol! My favorites are the Rosemary and Activated Charcoal Mask from Lo & Behold Naturals and the Theo Chocolate Face Wash + Mask from Hidden Forest! I love that both come in powder form so you can mix with as much or as little water as you want for customized consistency that feels best on your skin. Thanks for sharing your beauty expertise; enjoyed your post!

    • I haven’t, but I’d absolutely love to! Have you tried making your own? If you have, I’d love to know how they turned out!


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