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February 16, 2017


Instagram is by far my favorite social media app and in recent years, I have become totally and utterly obsessed with planning out a feed and theme that I’m happy with. If you scroll through the abyss of my photos (after having deleted a few dozen – oops) I’m sure it’s obvious when I’ve gone through my different phases on Instagram. Now that I have a digital toolbelt of apps that I absolutely love using, I’ve managed to really hone in on an Instagram feed that I enjoy. Today, I’m showing you those very apps!

Facetune is probably a very controversial app to loads of people who are severely against the idea of editing out those stubborn pimples or for brightening your teeth after too much coffee. However, I use Facetune for…pretty much the opposite. I’ve never actually used Facetune to tune my face but instead, I really love this app for three specific features. First, the lighting filters are incredible and a lifesaver. They’re quick and simple to use when brightening a photo and I love that I can apply these filters before going in to perfect the brightness and contrast later. Of course I have to mention the whitening function on the app, as many people enjoy it for brushing out stubborn yellow hues on backgrounds to get that perfect Instagram theme. Finally, I really value the smooth and patch tools for things that you simply want to edit out, such as the occasional cat hair on your sweater or bedspread.
Here it is, the well-loved VSCO Cam app that’s full of editing tools and filters. I think that VSCO is a staple for anyone that takes their Instagram game relatively seriously as the interface is wonderful and the filters are amazing – there’s bound to be something for everyone! Although there are loads of useful tools on VSCO, I typically head straight for the filters on this app. I’ve bounced around between different filters and I have lots of them installed, and I love the variety that you can get with this app. Super easy to use with beautiful features!
Last but not least is the final app that I love to edit with…Instagram itself! After using the above two apps, I usually go back into Instagram to use the in-house editing tools to fine tune everything and make everything a bit cohesive. I go through a series of steps on Instagram’s own editing tools that I just don’t feel like I can get with any other editing app, and I love how precise each tool can be so you can really adjust levels to your personal preference. Personally, I feel like Instagram’s editing features are super underrated but within the last six months or so, I find them incredibly useful and valuable to the routine I use to edit my Instagram photos!
There you have it – my favorite apps to edit Instagram photos with. What are some of your favorite tools to use when editing your photos?
xx Mary

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