February Faves

February 26, 2017


It’s honestly so hard to believe that February is coming into a close and soon we’ll be rolling into March. I felt like I just rang in the new year last week and it’s astounding that it’s actually been a couple of months. Having the time fly so quickly is really bittersweet for me but with a new month comes a few mentions of some of the things that I’ve been loving. February favorites, let’s go.



I’m going to start this mish-mash of a favorites post talking about beauty because I found a few things recently that I’ve really been loving lately. First off is the Ouai Wave Spray that I picked up in the check out line vortex that sucks you in no matter how hard you try to resist. I’ve been wanting to try Ouai for a while now – after all, founded by the same woman who does hair for the Kardashians, how could I not want to try?! I am all about putting texture into my hair to give it a bit of an undone look and the Ouai wave spray is perfect for that. I’ll usually just use a curling wand around a few pieces of hair that frame my face and use the spray all over to create a perfect amount of texture. Best part? It smells amazing.
Next up is the BECCA Backlit Primer is a relatively new beauty find that I talked about in my primer round-up post from a few weeks ago but I feel like it was something that I just had to mention. I really love using this primer under my foundation, as it helps my makeup stay in place but also gives my skin the perfect amount of glow without making me look like the Tin Man. In addition to new makeup finds,  I found myself in Sephora and was immediately drawn to the Huda Beauty range. While the brand is all over Instagram for their liquid lipsticks, I was intrigued by the lip contour pencils. I purchased the shade Icon, as it seemed like a really nice shade to wear every day. For being matte, these lip pencils are incredibly comfortable to wear and don’t dry out my lips, which is something that I’m a bit scared of when trying out new matte lip products. It’s also pretty long-wearing as well!
Straying away from the typical beauty bits that I’ve been loving, I thought I’d include a couple of extra things that I’ve been loving this month, like the Nike+ Run Club app (available in the app store). Last year, I started running semi-regularly and wanted to train my body to run long distances. I was totally overwhelmed with the different methods that I saw on the internet and realized that I was intimidated because a lot of the training plans I saw didn’t really accommodate every single runner and their level of running. This is where the Nike+ Run Club app comes in handy. I love that the app allows you to pick a running plan based off what you want in a running program, whether it’s just getting started or wanting to train harder. The app includes benchmark runs, which the app then uses to adapt your plan depending on how you run those benchmarks, so there’s a chance that your plan can change. I love this feature, as the app knows how I’m progressing through my training and changes to better suit what I need.

While I’ve been running, I love bumping some tunes that’ll help keep me motivated and for the last part of February, Jon Bellion is what I was playing. After becoming obsessed with his song, All Time Low, I looked up his latest album on Spotify and I’ve been hooked ever since. 80’s Films is one of my favorites, along with Woke the F*ck Up. I was lucky enough to see Jon Bellion open up for Twenty One Pilots in February (my favorite moment of the month!) and he was incredible! I’d highly recommend checking him out if you’re in the market for some new tunes.Finally, my last favorite for the month of February is…blogging! I’ve tried to start blogs in the past but never really stuck to them and I’m pretty proud of myself for being able to stick to a schedule of posting twice a week, even if it doesn’t always happen. I’ve been having a lot of fun taking photos and writing posts as a hobby away from my career, and I can’t wait to see where this goes!

What beauty products, apps, or music have you been loving recently? I want to hear it all!
xx Mary

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