Beauty Products Worth The Splurge

July 12, 2017

It’s no secret that I love beauty; not to the internet, to my family, or to my friends. In fact, I feel like I’m the general hub for when my girlfriends have questions about makeup and beauty. Of course, this is a-okay with me! However, the question I get the most is which products are worth spending money on and which ones aren’t. In a world where we can get makeup at a designated beauty store or the same place we get our laundry soap, sometimes it can be confusing. That being said, I thought about which products I’m more willing to spend a little bit more money on. Keep in mind, some of you may disagree but this is what I find personally that I tend to splurge on a bit! Fair warning: this is pretty base heavy. All about that base, ’bout that base.


This! Is! So! Important! To me, at least. I’ve tried many foundations in my years of wearing makeup and personally, I have found that the best ones are the ones that cost a bit more. Of course, this doesn’t mean dropping $40 on a foundation will automatically suit you.  (Flashback to when I spent my Christmas money in high school on a MAC Foundation that broke me out. I was pizza face af). I do think that higher end foundations tend to be a bit more reliable in terms of shades, color range, and how there’s bound to me something for everyone. Admittedly, there have been drugstore foundations that I don’t mind but they have relatively forgettable, making me want to try something new each time. My go-to high end foundation is the Smashbox Studio Skin foundation; I love this so much, I’ve just repurchased my third bottle. I’ve never done that before!


I know that primer isn’t much of a necessity to many people. In fact, I didn’t start religiously wearing primer until about a year ago! However, I do notice a difference between higher end primers and more affordable ones, the biggest one being texture and lasting power of whatever you put over it. Many drugstore foundation primers tend to pile on my skin and foundation just doesn’t sit very well on top of it. In addition, I do find that my makeup stays on a bit longer when I use higher end primers, though I know that this is something that can be totally subjective based on skin type. Regardless, I think that if you’re going to invest in a higher end foundation, consider buying a higher end primer to go with it. Don’t wear primer? No worries! This one you can skip.


Another really important item in my makeup regime (what’s up, hereditary dark circles?!) To be honest, I don’t really spot conceal my face anymore but when it comes to my dark circles? Cover them up, hide them away, for the love of god, make them disappear. And that’s why I like to invest in a concealer. I think that higher end formulas tend to work better for me in terms of concealing and not creasing under the eye, which is a bit of a difficult combination for me to find in drugstore concealers. Heavy duty concealers are what I enjoy for my undereye area, so I don’t mind splurging on one that I know works really well for me.


Again, this is a very optional step but for those of you who enjoy contouring, listen up. I think that drugstore brands are starting to step up the contour game but I did find a higher end contour shade that I like. Personally, I like a bit of a cooler toned contour shade; if a product has too much of an orange/warm undertone, it ends up looking super muddy when I try to contour. Keep in mind that bronzing and contouring aren’t necessarily the same things, so I typically use a designated contour shade. Cooler shades look a lot more natural to me and give a nice chiseled shadow effect rather than a blotch of orange. Your contour shade does, of course, take into consideration your skintone. However, if you’re a bit more fair-skinned like me, try out a cooler contour shade!


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Do not sleep on your brows. I really  think that they frame the face, soI don’t mind spluring on a brow product. I’m really impressed with the shades that high end brands have but what I love most is how true to color they are. I find that with drugstore brow products, dark brown shades are either borderline black or pull a very red undertone. Neither of those things are for me! There are tons of brow products out there to pencils, gels, pomades, and probably everything in between. You’re bound to find something that’ll keep your brows fine, fresh, and fierce.

What do you guys think about where to spend and where not to spend? Do you have a holy grail drugstore product that fits one of the categories above? Please let me know in the comments!


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5 comments on “Beauty Products Worth The Splurge

  1. I’ve been wanting to try tarte products for awhile but haven’t yet. I’m pretty sure they sell them in Sephora here in Australia so I’ll have to go give a try! I do like to splurge on products that are worthwhile!

  2. I too am the one that a lot of my friends come to for beauty suggestions. I’ve never used the Smashbox Foundation, I will have to look into it. That ShapeTape concealer is one of my favorites.

  3. I agree with the ABH Dipbrow. I love how pigmented it is and how easy it is to work with. It is definitely worth every penny and you do get a good amount and it lasts for a long time.

  4. I love these! I have heard so many great things about the tarte shape tape but it kind of kills me to spend that much. Every time I put concealer under my eyes I get that crease. Plus, I live in Florida and there is so much humidity, concealer just feels wet and dewy on my face. Recently I’ve just stopped using it because I can’t get it right! I will have to give that one a try. If it works, it’ll be worth it! Thanks for the post!

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